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Historian (Town and Village)               Bonnie and Steve Hays   

The Historian is a resource for information on the past for the Village and Town of Palmyra. For more information please visit the Town of Palmyra website here.

For any genealogical requests please click here to directed to the Town Clerk's office.

Public Health Officer                       Daniel Harris, M.D.                                                                             Term Ends: December 2, 2024

Registrar for Vital Statistics           Irene Unterborn                   Term Ends: December 31, 2027

Sewer Plant: (315) 597-5050

Water Plant: (315) 597-4807

Youth Commission

President:   Gary LaBerge

Vice President: John Gammariello

Secretary: Jeana Savage

Treasurer: John Morrisey

OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER        The Times of Wayne County shall be approved as the official newspaper for the Village and the Finger Lakes Times  to serve as a secondary official newspaper to bring such legal notices, statements, notices for bids and other legal notices for the ensuing year to the attention of the citizens for the Village of Palmyra.

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